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The Preschool curriculum focuses on the 6 main developmental areas:


& Emotional

Physical Health

& Well-Being

Language & Communication


to Learning


Enter 6th

Developmental Area


The preschool program encompasses both child-initiated activities and teacher-directed classes in individual activities as well as large and small groups. The fully packed curriculum consists of academic classes (literacy, math, science, social studies, language) as well as performing and creative arts (music, dance, yoga, drama, painting, drawing, etc.) that support fine and gross motor skill development. Additionally children have the ability to take time for themselves via the quiet corner or explore their imagination through pretend play.



The pre-k program naturally prepares each child for the upcoming graduation and entrance into kindergarten. Each child has become more independent and confident and exhibits strong social skills and an eagerness to learn.


In pre-k our children are fluent in Russian, are able to read/write 3-letter words as well as their names, they are able to add and subtract, as well as have coordination of their bodies.

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